Stroke & Treatment After

Close to 900,000 people have a stroke -- every 40 seconds in the U.S. Two-thirds of the stroke population are 60 or over. 4.5 million people have had one or more strokes in this country. Hispanics, and African Americans, have the highest number of strokes. Close to 52 million people worldwide have had one or more strokes. More women die from a stroke than breast cancer.

After a stroke, most people are discharged from the hospital within 3-7 days. Families leave the hospital without instructions for home care, and how to continue physical, speech and occupational therapies when Medicare and other insurance benefits end.

Within the month, 1 in 5 return to the hospital because they break a hip, arm, or have a concussion and return when they fall, slip on a wet tile floor after showering. This was a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. This equals 2.3 million people the population of Orlando.


We want you to know, “we are here for you”! At Physical Therapy Now in Miami, Florida we provide the support, the education and treatment necessary to start the process of returning you to your normal daily routine. Our Therapist are experts in stroke conditions and we provide a comprehensive approach consisting of Physical Therapy , Occupational Therapy , and Exercises Physiology all working together to help you return to your productive lifestyle.

Our team will ensure you regain function through our science based protocols and methods. We are the only Physical Therapy Practice in Miami, FL that will have experts of 3 fields working with you. From the Occupational Therapists, to the Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiology.

Call us NOW! If you have suffered a stroke or know someone who has. Time is of essence. 



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Our staff is dedicated to helping the patient return home or work as quick as possible so that they could continue living a productive lifestyle. Offices Location in Hialeah, Doral, The Falls, Brickell.